Glowforge for vintage electroincs

Small world @aeva . I am also into vintage electronics and have been thinking about how I will use the Glowforge to make something really ornate.

Here is my simple triode-pentode amp I built many years back using much less high tech methods. I was just listening to it yesterday thinking about all the options that will be opened up for making V 2.0.

One of my current CAD projects in planning for the Glowforge is an art deco stereo console. The majority of the structure will be conventional construction, but I plan to do lots of embellishments that are laser cut.

I have also been thinking how I can use the Glowforge to build a new set of electrostatic speakers. I decided when my kids were born it was a good idea to get rid of my existing set as the way I built them it would have been really hard to make them safe for (high voltage) small fingers. The Glowforge should be great for cutting curved acrylic spacers to make something along the lines of the Martian Logan design.

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So cool!!! I’ve been wanting to make some electrostatic speakers for a while now - great idea incorporating laser cut acrylic into them!

So much potential for Steampunk/Dieselpunk electronics.


Sneak peek at my latest project. ESLs with many laser cut components!

I will do a proper post one of these days. Having too good a time listening to them right now.


So very nice. I’ll be looking for the proper write-up as something like this would interest me if the drivers are not stupid expensive.

Too cool!!!

Gorgeous! I helped a friend design some ESLs in college. They didn’t look anywhere near this good. :slight_smile: