Glowforge Forecasting System

Morning everybody (it’s morning in Switzerland).

I know I shouldn’t be posting this, but I have unique insight into how the Glowforge shipping forecast system works… Here’s a… eh… screenshot.

As you can see, my shipping email date is February 12.


Uh… December 2nd sounds way better. Oh crap, maybe thats why US people are getting theirs sooner, in general. Because we write our dates backwards.


the more you pay the longer you wait … international order woes.

until there’s no alternative, all we can do is to hope for :pray:

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Morning From The Netherlands. Are you getting a pro or basic?

i’m waiting for a pro :roll_eyes: … and an air filter :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Where Internationally are you? What is your “delivery” date? I ask because I am curious to know if I upgrade, can I speed up the process. I have a March 2018 delivery date. Curious if I upgrade it will push it up significantly or if my being outside the US won’t help very much. It would have to be a reasonably significant increase in time to delivery for it to be worthwhile - like into 2017.

I don’t think there are any international deliveries forecast to be this year. We don’t get delivery dates, just “shipping” dates that is when the order goes to the factory.

I ordered a pro on day 4 to the UK and have a shipping date of 24th January which would mean delivery some time in February or March.

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I get the delivery/shipping date difference. I was just hoping to have it before what would likely be late April. Feels like upgrading could help some but not that much.

I think it makes some difference for US customers but international are mainly waiting for certification rather than production of units.

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Got it! Thanks. Did you see the post about Mr. Beam? A potential EU alternative . I am not ready to give up on the GF, but i heard some rumblings in another post that they will “deliver” in March - after you get your GF though. It might be worth a look.

If it makes you feel any better, people that I actually REFERRED have already gotten their Glowforge ahead of me.


Mr. Beam is a 5 watt laser. The thickest plywood you can cut is 4mm (not all wood will cut with this low wattage) and thickest felt you can cut is 3mm. 2mmm is the thickest acrylic you can cut.

I’m not saying Mr. Beam is junk or worthless. Everyone’s needs for a laser are different. If this will work for all your needs, then save some money and buy something besides a Glowforge. If 5 watts is enough for you, then buying a Glowforge is like buying a Ferrari and never driving it over 25mph.

Some 3D printers have swappable head options. With these printers you can have a 3D printer, a 5 watt laser cutter, and CNC machine in one unit for about the same price as Mr. Beam. You might have a smaller bed area though, so you’ll need to research your options.