Glowforge friends in nyc

hi! i had the idea the other day, after seeing someone post about ny maker faire, that there are probably a lot of us (or at least a few) in and around new york city. and the thought hit me - we should get together! (sorry if this is already happening and i’m just out of the loop! if it is - can i invite myself over?!)

anyway i was thinking it would be fun to have like, a book club. except with lasers :wink: like we get together at someone’s house and talk about stuff we’re making. and maybe have a project that we do in between gatherings that we all bring in for show and tell. (as an example there could be a general halloween theme and everyone would bring something halloweenie. or it could be more specific, like costumes or decorations or whatever).

and like most book clubs - it would probably end up being more about socializing (and wine?) - but it would be great to get to know some of the other creatives in this community and the physical communities we live in :slight_smile:


I live on Long Island, so sometimes city people are unwilling to come out here, but I’d be glad to host a meetup sometime.

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