Glowforge Gifs


Where are the glowforge animated Gifs?
Did a quick Google search but really didn’t find much-

Anyone have some lying around?


This is all I have


Ha! Was totally not expecting that to be the first GF gif- but such is the wild power of gif magic. Hope some of the machine in action wil surface, too


Video of the glowforge in action is hard to find. I love watching laser cutter videos, along with other similar things like pressure washers, cnc mills, etc. I find them oddly pleasing. I keep a feed on youtube for glowforge related videos, and its very infrequent that anything pops up. They are really busy getting it ready to ship, so thats ok in my book. I wouldnt mind having some cool video on laser thursday sometime though =)


Well, in case anyone could use it, I just…uh, found this one. Often more effective for me to share gifs rather than video to promote something.


There are a number of video to gif services out there that you can drop a video and come out with a gif. Imgur being one of them. It’ll convert to gif and gifv


I have a “nest” all set up in the shop, waiting for the forge to fill it.
What im feeling is somewhere between a kid anticipating Christmas morning and waiting for my new puppy.


Glowforge .gif… will put it on the wishlist. :slight_smile:



Oh the humanity! So cruel, yet so hopeful.


Ooh! The flashy start button finally works. I was worried that feature would be delayed until GF 2.0. Seriously though. If I press it does my GF get thrown on a FedEx truck the next day? That’s how the Staples big red button is supposed to work.



Apparently I need to be more descriptive.


did you guys finally move it to the middle of the circle too?

because this:

was driving me crazy


That’s funny. That would make me crazy too…as I suspect it would do to a very large number of people on here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have no part in the industrial design except to admire it - but the button is in the same location in the production version.


That’s ok, it wouldn’t be the first time I use a sticker to fix my OCD, and now I have a Cameo!


If you can share, what design firm did you work with?


if it looks good I might have to commission you to print me one. I can already feel my OCD flaring up lol


… which implies that a production version exists, does it not? :wink:


We’d rather not tip off the folks who admire us so much that they want to be just like us. :wink: