Glowforge "Gift of Memories" (March)

Has anyone printed out a “Gift of Memories” photo frame this month? (You can find it by clicking on the little “package” when you go to It looks like a pretty cool design and may come in handy for me.

I don’t see any instructions anywhere, and also tried searching the forum but no luck. It looks pretty straight forward, but I’m wondering what size the wood cut out for the photo needs to be. There is nothing in the file that seems to be sized for the photo. My guess is it would be similar to the size of the inside frame dimension (which is in the file) that is roughly 57x37 mm. Any help would be appreciated…

Edit: actually it looks like the picture will need to be a little bigger than the cut out, because the parts that create the frame are not quite the same. I’ll mock it up in illustrator and try to figure it out and reply back here.

Ok, based on my mock up it looks like it needs to be 61.6 x 45.3 mm (width x height), minus some kerf.

It also looks like this photo frame is smaller versus what is being showed in the video, though maybe not. I’m probably going to have to scale it up a bit.

Doesn’t look too complicated. The outer layer is the one with the interior cutout and the small rectangular piece. That piece looks to be the support & its fingers go into the slots of the single solid backer piece that has the two slots. The two L shaped pieces are the center spacer that provides the room to slide your picture/engraving down from the top. The slots fit over the ones in the bottom of the back piece.

Measuring the tabs/fingers & slots would give an indication of what material to use. Personally I’d probably make it out of two different materials - the front piece out of Med PG Ply and the other pieces out of Thick PG Draft board. That way the spacer will definitely be thick enough regardless of which Med PG Ply you use for engraving.

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Yep, it doesn’t look too bad. I figured out the layout as well after I looked at it for a few minutes. My main concern was trying to figure out the width of the photo without having to do a lot of work (easy enough in Illustrator). I was thinking the same for the frame (Med PG Ply) and maybe use Med PG Maple for the photo. Draftboard is a good idea for those pieces, though I’m trying to avoid cutting it these days (due to running compact filter). I have some other 1/8" plywood that should do the trick.

I have found a fair amount of variation in the different versions of PG Ply - cherry, maple and walnut are not all the same thickness. So if you use it for the center spacer you may find that some future engraving on some med PG Ply won’t fit in the slot.

Using the thick draftboard just for the spacer would reduce the load on your filter and keep the extra space that insures you’ll be able to slip any engrave in.

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I have found a fair amount of variation in the different versions of PG Ply - cherry, maple and walnut are not all the same thickness.

For sure! I always check with my calipers especially when doing a project with parts that need to fit. I don’t think I have thick draftboard, but I do have a lot of hardwood as well, and a planer, so I’m sure I can get something that will fit. I may end up just making my own design to accommodate the wood I have based on the design here. It’s definitely a nice idea!

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