Glowforge has went above and beyond

Hello community, first off I wanted to apologize for how I came in the group, angry, frustrated and acting like a baby. I was wrong, GF does care about their customers and even when they didn’t have to agreed to fix my issues with my machine. I’m greatly appreciative that they agreed to do that for me <:heart:. I’ll be sending it back in the next few days. I’ll probably be down for about 3 to 4 weeks while they so graciously fix my camera issue. Thanks for everyone that listens to me complain and whine and didn’t complaining tell me off. I Appreciate your patient with my petulant behavior.



Good of you to come back here and own that James, you’re a bigger man than it initially appeared.:+1:
Best of luck with the repair.


Good luck with the repair. I am glad Glowforge changed your mind about some things, and I appreciate that you have reflected on the issues you encountered.


Thanks James - the support team doesn’t read this part of the forum, but I’ll make sure they see this. I know they work hard to do right by everyone!


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