Glowforge Import Accurcy

I received my Glowforge yesterday and am sooooo very excited!!!

That said I have been cutting a few things today and was struggling to get them assembled. When I dug in a bit I realized that the scaling of my design in Glowforge looks to be off from my SVG. I came across a cool x-wing design on the form and even came across an Fusion 360 model. When I import it into Glowforge I am off .5in in the y direction.

Here was my process

  • Export Fusion 360 sketch as an SVG with a utility
  • Open in my vector tool of choice (Autodesk Graphic) to create a few layers
  • Import layers into Glowforge and notice I have a scaling issue

In Grapics the envelope size is 5.6752

When I look at it in Glowforge it looks like more like 4.25

It looks like the overall scale is off. Anybody run into this before?


It’s setting 72ppi where Glowforge defaults to 96, so 5.652/96*72=4.239 which is what you’re getting. See if you can strip out ppi unit definitions in your SVG.


I export from F360 with the draw module and saving PDF files. The GF cuts PDF perfectly. I had similar issues when I first started with SVG files being off scale.

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Many thanks!! Do you know if there is a place to change this in Inkscape?

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I think you can change this in document properties. Be aware that the default is changing with 0.92 and older documents will be handled in interesting ways.

Also: use the 12x20 artboard…

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Unfortunately, our team doesn’t have expertise in Fusion 360 or Autodesk Graphic.

If you create a file in a vector design software like Inkscape, you can expect the scale to be maintained when you upload it to the Glowforge app.

I know some of our customers are using Fusion 360 to design. I expect you could find a helpful tutorial in the Tips and Tricks area of our community forum. I’ll also move this post to Beyond the Manual so you can continue to get help there.

@garin_gardiner I’m so glad you received yours! As noted, SVG units are interesting, and depending on how they’re generated they may or may not scale appropriately.

Thanks @dan and Glowforge team!! I have been having a ball with my new toy. Mostly been engraving on things so far but have cut out a few things as well. Here are a few of my projects the last few days I have been using it for.

Many more things to come.


Very cool!

Eh I’m sorry, I don’t, as I haven’t used it before. It’s probably in the header of the SVG file if you look in there.

If you have a sample file I’ll try to see if I can find the offending section in it.

I dig your work by the way. Would love to see more if you have an instagram or website.

Thanks @takitus! Here is one of of the files that I ran into the scaling problem.

tie-Fusion 360-outline

As for projects, here are a few sites that have various projects I have worked on fairly recently.
Instagram Profile
Etsy shop