Glowforge Launch Anniversary

One year ago today the crowdfunding campaign launched. I personally offer my congratulations. Of course, there may be mixed feelings about having to wait over a year to get our Glowforge. I have enjoyed the ride so far.


Oct.23 is my one year mark, and I stand amazed at my highly uncharacteristic display of patience.
I agree with you, it has been quite enjoyable and unexpectedly educational - I just don’t know if my psyche could withstand another delay…

“I don’t know what happened, he just snapped. He’s been in that corner sucking his thumb in the fetal position for days…”


About one hour from now is my one year mark. Didn’t find the forums until October 1st.


Took me till Nov. 18 to join the forum, and a bit longer to feel comfortable enough to engage.
I may have gone 2 days without visiting the forum since.


Sept 29 for me. I can’t believe it’s been a year. I can’t wait to see it in person next weekend!


I am really glad that we have the forum. I have learned so much and have been inspired by so many here over the past year. I joined the forum right away but have just been mainly reading things in the background. I hope to be more active from here on out. Can’t wait for my Glowforge!


October 11 before I found the forums. I don’t know if I’ll celebrate or pout that day.


Thanks all. It kills us that we don’t have your lasers to you yet, but boy, do we love having you all around. :slight_smile:


October tooth is my day of excitement…I saw the add and BAM…I be buyin…never crossed my mind about waiting…( as in…no biggie for the wait.) want the GF, but am sure I will receive it…and then "WATCH OUT WORLD "…nuff said !


Wish I could join you guys with one year but I had some trepidation as well as some massive vet bills to get out from under (turns out nero/spinal surgery for a rabbit is not that inexpensive) so I was not able to have the cash until April

But grats to all you that did get in super early


Oct 2 is our anniversary (for both the order and forum membership) too! We found out about it on 9/24, but chose to wait a bit to see if our desire to have it stayed strong. Clearly, we still want it!


I’m an October 2 baby as well. I try not to make a habit of throwing a couple thousand dollars around without thinking about it for a few days.


Oct 1st for me. Joined the forum on the 2nd.
Ha, just realized I’ll be at maker faire checking out the Glowforge on the anniversary of ordering it. :smiley:


Hit my ordering anniversary today. Anytime I do any long activity I always break things into percentages and once I pass halfway I’m convinced I can finish anything. At this point, it’s about 80% of the wait done (assuming December shipping), so nearly the home stretch. :smiley:


Wow – one year! I had been trying to figure out a use case that would justify purchasing a small Epilog, when I saw the buzz stirred up by the crowdfunding announcement.

We had just finished remodeling our basement and was moving furniture back in. When we broke for lunch, I showed my wife the video. Her next five words were “We have to buy one!” So we did. :sunglasses:

Found the forums pretty quickly, but didn’t contribute until 10/10.


Meh…I’m a very patient man.

Spend a full 7 - 10 days a year, from sun up till sun down, sitting up in a tree, or on the ground, perfectly still, in 25 - 35 degree Fahrenheit weather, through wind, rain, sleet, snow, and sometimes blinding sunlight, climbing up and down a mountain in the dark each day to get there, waiting for a deer to come by, and it will teach you patience.

Do it every year for 30 years, and you will be able to teach patience to others.



I do the same and enjoy more than just about anything else, but put me in a grocery store line and in 5 minutes I’m ready to pull my hair out.


any update on the time of delivery?

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No change yet.