Glowforge makes the news in woodworking

This is from the Popular Woodworking, February 2022, #263.

I wonder where he got the plans for the spline jig, photo 3. I want to make one.


She is woodenmaven on Instagram and is probably here on the forum, so you should DM.


Pretty simple… one right triangle minus 4 rectangles for the side tabs and three rectangles plus rectangular tabs for the spacers. Adjust the spacers to accommodate your trim router’s baseplate. I’ll knock one out later if I have some time.

By the way “he” is a she.


Saving people’s necks:




Ok, here’s a quickie design for 1/8" MDF or ply and a 4" trim router baseplate.

spline jig

Please note: This file is provided as-is. I have not tested or built the jig, so no guarantee of useability, fit, or fitness is made or implied. Use at your own risk. File provided for personal use only - you may NOT sell the file or physical copies of this jig.

Oh, bother... I just realized this version has a major design flaw. The distance from the box corner to router baseplate to too great. Not only would you have to find an extra long router bit, the odds of it staying straight are almost nil. I'll try to rework this over the weekend.


Hey, thanks, you’re a peach. I’ll give it a try here this week and let you know how it goes. Ok. Thanks, glad I didn’t rush to make it :grin:

Here’s a PDF of the article
Glowforge article Popular Woodworking Feb 22 issue 263.pdf (267.0 KB)

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