Glowforge manufacturing location


Does the GF website state somewhere that they are manufactured in the US? I’m about to pick mine up in New York and cross it into Canada. They may ask that question, since I may or may not have to pay duty on it depending on where it’s manufactured.

I’d love to print something official that says it’s built in the US.



Being made by Flex. I think it has been mentioned in a few places


And Flex should be somewhere in the shipping info on the docs you’ll need to cross the border. @SunnyStarbucks should be able to tell you exactly what she got and what she needed for crossing the border.


worst case, it says “Assembled in USA” on the tag on the back of the machine.

Edit: I just looked at the box. On the outside, there is a sticker that says Glowforge, has the serial number of the unit, and says “Designed in Seattle and Assembled in the USA”


It’s on the back (just in case your box gets munged)…


[don’t hold me to this] Assembled here:


From the August Update thread by Dan:

"Most weeks I get to spend some time with our team at the factory at Flex in Milpitas, CA. "

They are assembled by Flex (Flextroncis) in the Milpitas CA location according to that statement from Dan…


Thanks everyone.

They did not even ask at the border.

I’ll post a longer post later with the process I used to get through customs, and with some of my first projects.

But right now – Can’t Talk: Lasering


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Yours was one of the first blogs i read waaaaaay back in the innocent days 2 years ago.
I am really happy to see you get your machine and look forwards to seeing some of your creations!