Glowforge Mascot ideas for the hopper



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Hey thanks, really appreciate that. Haven’t really updated it with any of my design and illustration, but perhaps I should! Cheers :slight_smile:
[/quote]@kylekesterson’s work makes me realize that while we are working on that official tag line contest. Perhaps we also need to submit some suggestions to the Glowforge team for an official mascot. Linux has Tux. Github has Octocat. BSD has Daemon. MS Word has Clippy. I have seen the work of some really creative artists on this forum. Imagine the marketing potential. Imagine the ridicule we could endure. Surely some laser cat thing would be good. But from other discussions it might have to be a bobcat. Laser Bobcat, Laser lynx. What do you all think?

Fine Art Illustration with Lasers and Ink
Beta - So this happened (Day One)

Cyclops (of X-Men fame) comes to mind.


A turtle.


Glowy McForgerson, the jovial laser elf!


Left shark


Ill-Tempered Sea Bass


Apparently an irritated Sting Ray is more appropriate this week.


Can Glowforge get the rights for Glo Worms?


If you’re looking for a suitable superhero, I would suggest The Ray.


Yeah, a ray. I like it. The coloring of the Glowforge basically matches manta rays already.


With freackin lasers on their heads?



Lightning Bug aka firefly comes to mind.




Apologies to @autumnleedavis for shamelessly stealing the artwork.





I love these two ideas. Perfect!


You all are killing me.


Lol oh my i wasnt expecting that pic as i scrolled down