Glowforge Material Manager Chrome Extension



What? Do they deliever PG outside the US now?


i haven’t even tried. When my 'Free ’ proof grade arrived it cost me £40 in import fees and charges. I can’t bring my self to think how much extra it would cost me considering the quantities i need to buy if i were to purchase directly!


Thanks for looking into it! Is it fixable? I’m not looking forward to using my Glowforge without it!


Has the GFUI stabilized enough for the Material Manager code to be looked at yet?

Mostly bumping this up to make sure it isn’t forgotten. I have found this tool extremely useful given I was up to 23 pages of manual setting notes. I distinctly remember a posting from someone during the development that they were really looking forward to doing away with the notebook they kept next to their Chinese laser, and totally sympathize.


It would be awesome if it can be fixed, for now though at least its still there and can be used as a reference and still be added to.


I use it to store my settings in a handy place instead of my Excel spreadsheet. Works fine unless the material manager tool gets nuked.


It’s high time Glowforge provided us a materials manager.
Hardware has been shipping for over a year. The bulk of the product has shipped. Are we going to need to wait for the Air filter to be fully shipped before they start making the GFUI awesome?


Finally managed to make some time to fix the extension and test it against our Glowforge. A release was pushed out last night so everything should be working again.


95% of my work is done on the same material. Even just making it hold onto the previous setting would save me a lot of time.


Did you read the latest update?


I looked at the september update and did not see anything pertinent. Did I miss it?


You can now store custom material settings…


It wasn’t in the September update. Here it is:


You can also check the right side of the GFUI home page for updates.


I’ve had access to this for a while now which is why I didn’t prioritize updating the extension. After using their new UI for a while. I’ve decided to completely overhaul my extension as their UX and implementation are so unusable for all the scenarios that I need.


can you give us some idea of what the extension adds beyond what GF has implemented?


The biggest thing the @icirellik extension did is add ‘proofgrade’ style settings. Just drop in material, select it from the UI, the pick score/cut/whatever. IMO this is far more streamlined workflow than the new GF custom settings. The GF settings are nice for a scattering of a different materials, but it grows unwieldy very fast when you have 4 different engrave settings, 3 different score settings and 3 different vector engrave settings for a single material. @icirellik’s plug-in worked far better for me than the new GF custom behavior. Which you find more valuable is probably very workflow specific.


With the original material manager I would make changes then select update. After the status light turned green, I would refresh GF in Chrome and the changes would show up in the materials list.
I tried the same with the new version with no luck. I also tried logging out of GF, Restart Chrome, and restart GF still no luck. However several times now when I went to select a material, all of my custom materials were there. But I don’t know what I did or how they got there.

Any Help ?


The GFUI now supports saving material settings. I think what you’re seeing is native GFUI, not the material manager. :slight_smile:


I am seeing the GFUI material settings. I can’t seem to get the settings that I have in the Materials Manager extension to move over to the GFUI materials list.