Glowforge Material Manager Chrome Extension



They won’t. You’ll have to put them in yourself. :slight_smile:


I know how to add manual settings to a material. But how do you add materials to the Materials list ?


Instructions here in the Support area of the app:


This is what I want to know how to do.


Oh, sorry.


You don’t…you add manual settings under the cut / score / engrave operations, and (at least how I do it) name them for the material they are used for. Here are some of mine:


Unfortunately, Glowforge didn’t implement their custom settings that way, they just let you save custom settings, not a custom material.

We’ll have to wait for @icirellik to rework his extension for that I think.


According to the author of the extension it has been fixed to work with GF. The updated version is 0.3.4.


Yeah…but that was back in Sept. Things could have changed again.



A big THANKS! for the update/rework/support for your extension.

Seriously, it works so well, it really does extend the natural workflow, I don’t know why the GF team didn’t adopt your style of integration for custom materials since your naturally extended the existing workflow.

I know it’s a pain to support stuff like this, it is well appreciated.



Hi, does this mean id have to use the Glowforge on google chrome and not safari? or I should be using the app?

Edit: I’m not very good at computers so I’m making my husband install this for me, still some confusion. After installing it, how do I use it?

Edit 2 lol: I’ve read the comments and kind of understood that I have to enter the settings in the GFUI, so hopefully when I get around to it il understand it. if I’m wrong let me know.

And a big thanks for this. :+1:


Starting out the step by step start is pretty simple and direct, I think that Safari will get you that far through my understanding is limited for IOS and those using it seem to find problems but also manage for the most part. So at least for starting out finding the GFUI on the web will do.