Glowforge Material Store ETA


I’m quite partial to GF and I am getting ready to start ordering materials and would rather give my money to GF than some other company. @dan do we have an ETA on the supply store? Or will it be availible by the time the GFs ship?


According to the FAQ, not until shipping begins.
Upping my One Block Badge count by quoting one of the couple times that @rpegg quoted the Glowforge FAQ:

Here is the link.


Thank you. I think this is for the design catalog which, from what I understand, is for design plans. I meant for buying actual physical materials (with the masking and material ID already on it). Again, I could be wrong and this may be the same thing! :slight_smile:


Will the Glowforge team will provide the syntax/layout for setting up bar codes for our own material choices so once we figure out a speed/feed type parameters for a material we can just create our own bar code for it?


I kinda doubt it since you can make your own presets for different materials in the interface and just select it.


You are right. The quote is from the design section. I just assumed it applies to the materials. I thought there was a post somewhere from @dan about this, but I can’t find it. Would help if I spelled catalog like most people instead of catalogue in the search term. Yes, it would be nice to have the materials ready for the delivery of the Glowforge.


Ah, I gotcha. :slight_smile: Yeah, it could very well be the same ETA! Thanks man.


I could not wait, I have a pile of plywood and acrylic ready to feed “Forgezilla” when it gets here.
I would hope they would open the store a few weeks ahead of the machine shipping date, for us to order and have supplies on hand ready to go, when the Machines arrive.


It’s only Americans that use the spelling ‘catalog’! That is far from ‘Most people’! :sunglasses:


I’ve just thought up a great logo for Forgezilla!


Sorry. Yes. We Yanks chopped off the end. Shows you that I read English as the English write more than American.


We are working on it now, and will have materials available as Glowforges ship. In fact, Josh has a big stack from us, delivered alongside Joshforge!


Oh my word! That’s amazing! I’m sure lots of this is hush hush, but will there be wood as well as acrylic available?


You know, a survey seems like a good idea…


I had an idea the other day that I thought could be fun. A material of the Month subscription. Every month or so, you send out a surprise material to people who subscribe.
They can make stuff and then post to the forums if they want. It would be a fun way to try out new materials. :grin:


I second this motion.


I like this! Orrrr!! A monthly subscription that comes with a plan and the material to cut it!


I LOVE this idea!! I would subscribe even if it was just your basic materials- it’s a great way to know you’ll always have at least a little bit of laserable stock on-hand (or at least on the way). Plus the ultimate satisfaction of getting a package every month :smile:


Dreaming here… but what about some way for the GF to know how much of each material you use (via barcode?) and orders you more when you’re running low? (I know I know… It would be complicated haha)


I opt out! I can’t stand it when my printer S/W tells me it’s time to order new ink and then links me to the order page.