Glowforge Materials Wiki -- let's do it!

So, I’m gonna propose something that I’m willing to throw down help on, but I’ll definitely need help. Let’s start a wiki on laserable materials out there, and how to get your Glowforge to handle them.

On this topic, I’m asking for volunteers, especially those tech-minded enough to help make this happen, because this is not my strong suit. I’d also accept recommendations of services or programs out there that make this grand idea more easily possible. I’m willing to throw down plenty of time on data entry (and even some money) to make it happen, though.


A wiki has been brought up a few times. I have a domain and system setup, and a few others were working on something similar; so I held off publishing anything.

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I think somebody has already got one set up out there somewhere.

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I couldn’t find any posts saying one had been created, but I’d gladly start using/adding to it if it’s out there!

Well, I don’t use it, so i have no idea where it is…I’ve just seen references to it pop up occasionally. :neutral_face:

It’s cool. :grinning: Even you can’t be expected to know everything that goes on in the forum.


Might be thinking of the hardware wiki?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

sorry, could not stop the fingers…


Hey, I got my own system goin’ and I’ve got enough spreadsheets to take care of now. :smile:
(I’m going to start advocating for a simple Test button/routine in the interface soon though…would simplify things for a lot of people.)


I barely have enough time to laser stuff, but I would like to help out too. I have used several CMS tools, and TikiWiki a long time ago. If you were to start from the ground up, I would suggest MediaWiki I have a few ideas that were be perfect for it.

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Here’s one I had started to setup back over the Thanksgiving holiday, if anyone is interested. I did not populate any content on it yet.

Cool! Would you be interested in discussing structure and detail on the other thread here?

Sadly this is only going to be as useful as it is official… and gf is obviously very reluctant to speak officially on this subject. I fear there won’t ever be a simple, thorough wiki at this point, discourse and its awful searchability is all we’ve got for the foreseeable future.

This is a poor excuse. There are plenty of online communities that maintain unofficial knowledge bases. It’s only as useful as it is maintained by an active community.


[Removed snark, no need for it, I must have been in a mood.]

I think it’s a combo of factors we have going against us for making a serious wiki, chief among them is very small community size, followed quickly by the lack of an official wiki to funnel the new people into.

I’d love a good wiki but we’ve yet to get one going was my point… and unless something changes, I don’t see one taking off.

I was very happy to find a wiki for my Monoprice Mini Delta. Tons of valuable information for me. I never used a 3D printer before, it helped me pass the time while I waited for my glowforge.

Not a Wiki, but there is a spreadsheet that folks are contributing to…in a way I almost prefer it since it’s very easy to locate the materials. Seems like a better fit than a wiki, but that’s my 0.02:


This is a fabulous resource. I think it pays to add this link to just about every thread here about material settings. Over a short period of time, it will become the defacto place to look first.

The same thing happened with sous vide settings.

The alternative, which is having people start with guessing every time, doesn’t advance the community.

Thanks @coloradocaver