Glowforge members: everyday life, culture, natural beauty


I created this location for members to tell us about their everyday lives, their wonderful cultures, places of interest, places of great natural beauty, etc. There are so many people here from distant parts of the globe, with wide ranging skills, talents, and interests. All of these things influence the wonderful and sometimes mundane things they make or imagine. I am interested in learning from and about my brothers and sisters around the world, as well as those close to home. I will start the ball rolling with a few pictures of a few places I find amazing around the world.



I love that you did this. I’ve been thinking along the same lines…wishing to find out a bit more about the many and varied people with whom we now have much in common. This is a great addition to the forum. Thank you


I am in constant awe of both the creations and the people behind the creations on this forum. And I sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to see what they do with their Glowforges and the unique stories about their creations, as well as about themselves.


Since 1993, I have lived and worked near the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s a wonderful place to live and visit. I will try to get some pictures here soon. I hope to invite GF members to our annual summer crab fest and shrimp fests once we all have been able to play with our glowforges for a time.


A trip I took to Newfoundland, Canada


Hmmm. Everyday life, culture, natural beauty. Life in the low Appalachian mountains is a little laid back with few real boundaries. The area is generically beautiful, though nothing flashy. The first pic is from our home. The second picture shows how seriously I take life. I’ll let you decide what order two buckets of paint, saddle, beer and banjo were employed. (It’s a turtle)


Really nice, Jeremy. Very well done. Did you edit as well? What was it shot on?


Really lovely and interesting video. Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks guys!

Yeah its all my work. I shot it on a Canon 6D and a large variation of lenses. :slight_smile:


This is my version of some of The Seven Wonders of the World, my world…either in close proximity or worth some travel time to visit;

The John Day River, Eastern Oregon, taken by my brother on an archaeology dig

About 10 minutes from where I live…Willamette Valley, Oregon. Mustard seed/Canola fields

Our glorious stretch of Pacific Ocean at sunset

Old wagon and buckboard in the Oregon desert…one of our favorite road trip destinations

A bit further afield but so worthy…Big Sky country, Montana. Took this from the window on a train from Chicago to Portland, OR.

This image taken by a person unknown to me, just outside of our little town, Silverton.

Last, but never least…our incredibly stunning Southern Oregon coast


Your view is so incredible. You are fortunate to live in such a ‘laid back’ place of beauty.


Beautiful. I spent a summer just below Oregon and often went up there. I loved it. Such a beautiful country side. :slight_smile:


Ahhh, Illinois…


Where’s the corn?


It’s a corny joke.


ha! Substitute a yellow/gold in place of the green and you have a facsimile of much of the prairies in North America! :smile:


I live in Venice, CA and this drone video shows how amazing this area can be, and also makes me wish I had more time to spend down at the beach (a whole whopping mile away). It’s not my video, but it makes me want a drone so I can shoot stuff like this. :wink:


As a fellow Midwesterner, this made me laugh


Hilarious! Sure it’s not Kansas?