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The new AI stuff seems to be a hit.


“grow its subscription business”. I wish it was “to design the next generation machines”.


you beat me to it, i was about to post this. has glowforge posted any information on this? as a founder i haven’t received any information.

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Dan announced the AI stuff in one of the recent monthly updates, I think, but this is the first reference I’ve seen in the wild.

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Methinks Xtool is about to crush them on the hardware side. Thus far, the “reviews” seem positive but it is early days.

Unless Dan has a GF2.0 well along in a top secret lair, GF is in serious danger of getting lapped. Based on this article, I believe they don’t have anything close to ready and are focused elsewhere.

The AI thing has thus far proven useless to me and the stuff I value (example: actual folders or moving the focus command to the top level of the UI) keep getting skipped for improvements that I do not appreciate.

Given the relatively short half-file of the pro models I have had (I am on #3) I suspect that I will be having to make the choice between a 4th refurbished pro or something else. More power, a larger working area, what looks to be a better crumb tray, and a camera you can actually use for alignment all seem very attractive. Add in the potential for curved surface cutting/ engraving, and automated passthrough and it comes close to “take my money” territory. If the UI is reasonable then it will be hard to not take a very hard look.



The other part of that sentence was “add new product features”, and just below it said " The product: Glowforge makes a line of laser-based 3D printers"…so maybe it is.


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