Glowforge No Tray Block

While this is not a laser design, it is free! I made a block that you can 3D print with three steps to be used in place of the crumb tray when engraving larger objects like cutting boards. I also added a small recess in the botton to allow for the use of a magnet (3x18mm) that can be obtained in the States at Home Depot and online various sources. Here is the STL and an image of what it looks like and the Thingiverse link here:

Glowforge Height Block_V2.stl (42.2 KB)


Nice design, great to share.

NOT saying these are better, just for the benefit of those who don’t have a 3D printer, here’s one example of something similar you can make on the GF:


Thanks for sharing. I have a (well 2) 3D printers so I may use your idea.


I have 2 3D printers as well. I am going to print some out tomorrow and give them a shot. Thanks for sharing!