Another set of crumb tray removal jigs

Started working on non-standard thickness materials. Took the plunge and engraved my 13” MacBook Air using the GF MacBook Pro presets.

Jigs worked perfectly! The plan is to cut 4 more to support my materials with 8 points on 4 sides and add magnets.

The highest step setting is 1.445” so higher than the crumb tray’s 1.367”

Notice since the Air is thinner on the front than the back. I used the 2nd and 3rd level steps to achieve a level working height.

Crumb (1.9 KB)


Nicely done!

You’ll want to Zip the file before sharing it here, otherwise the forum can cause it to disappear. (And I can’t see it.) :smile:


.Zip fixed!

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Yay! There it is! (It was in hiding.)


Thank you for sharing. I still can not get myself to engrave any electronics.


Thank you for sharing!!! Just what I needed!

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Thanks for sharing!

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I like that design! Simple but effective, and able to be cut from scrap. Thanks!

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Beautiful placement on that front wheel!

Nice jig too :slight_smile:


Love the jig(s) and will probably make some myself. This may be a dumb question, but, why would you take the tray out to engrave a MBP? I have the same laptop and MAY do the same thing to mine lol

Pretty sure my MBP is more than a half inch thick. You have to take the tray out for anything over half an inch. :slight_smile:


Really? I thought you only had to take out the try if it was over 2" thick, not 1/2" thick?

No, 2" is the max with the tray out. There’s only 1/2" of clearance between the air assist and the tray, so you can’t go thicker than that with the tray in. :slight_smile:


ahhhh, well that’s good to know. I have a project coming up, assuming I get my forge today since FedEx sucks… engraving some wooden bar taps. They are about 1 1/2" thick

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Lucky for you we have Set Focus now, so you don’t have to do math! :slight_smile: The thing to remember is that it only cuts/engraves in that 1/2" range, so when you take the tray out your item needs to be elevated enough for its top to be higher than where the top of the tray would have been. That’s where things like these jigs come in handy.


Simple… elegant… and breaks down for storage. LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing.

Been engraving wood bar taps for a customer for over a year. Hundreds. 1-3/4" thick maple, triangular. Engraved on all 3 sides. Paid for my GF Pro with that one customer. Now I just have them run me a Craft Beer credit instead of cash. I’m happier that way.


Man, how does that work with a triangular shape? And I need to find a customer like that

Made a jig. I do three at a time and flip them. Usually different beer names and brewery logos for the taps. I only do three because I can’t afford to waste the taps if something goes wrong. Never has. Probably enough room in the GF to do 6 at a time.


That’s awesome. You should post some pictures or video!

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