Glowforge Not Cutting/Tube Not Lighting Up

I have a pro and have not had it quite 2 weeks ago. Yesterday it stopped cutting completely through the material…well any material. I cleansed lens, windows, mirrors, camera with lens cleaner. I’ve cleaned the air assist fan. I made sure the unit is level. Cleaned the crumb tray and made sure back in place appropriately. I’ve tried proofgrade material. If i run 6 passes on a surface then it will sometimes cut through. I just used the draftboard proofgrade from Gf and had to do 3 passes on that. The “material not recognized” error popped up on my computer screen with. the draftboard in place. I’ve tried changing settings from auto to manual and made sure power was turned up. Also, the tube doesn’t lights up. What am I missing? Please help.

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Glowforge support will be here pretty soon to get you fixed up. In the meantime, run the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material using Proofgrade settings. Post pictures (front and back) along with the date and time of the print.

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2pm -2:03 was the run time

Can you upload a picture of your settings for the cut setting? It looks like the laser fired good on the rest of it.

Those are not the default Proofgrade settings.
I suggest trying again with Proofgrade settings for the cut section.

Your interface should look like this


How do I do that? Ijust want to make sure I’m doing correctly

After choosing the medium draftboard, for the 1st operation select SD graphic, next operation choose draft score, next operation draft score, next operation proofgrade cut final operation proofgrade cut.


Yes, I agree, try again with the proofgrade settings. The speed of 500 is way too fast. My last job I ran, with PG maple ply, I used 165/Full.

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That cut!!! If I’m using another product from one of the suppliers should I still be using a default setting?

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If the product is similar, yes you can use the proofgrade settings, and then adjust slightly. 500 cut speed won’t work on much except cardstock.

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To view what the settings were that you just used, click the arrow next to the operation - for example Proofgrade draft score settings on my pro for medium draftboard are speed 300 power 41.

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Thank you for your help! The good news is I now know how to take apart the equipment, clean and reassemble lol!

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Things you will need now that you will be busy cutting projects.

@janel I’m sorry for the trouble you had with your printer not fully cutting through materials.

There have been some fantastic recommendations from the community! Awesome collaboration on this!

It looks like the issue you reached out about is resolved. That’s wonderful!

Since you are now discussing settings outside of Proofgrade settings, I’m moving it to Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

Hey, welcome to the forum. You’ll probably find this whole thing interesting, but especially check out #6:

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