Glowforge Notebook

So I know this is an oddity but I am one of those people who loves to organize and loves organized spaces.

So the other month I came across this gem that has been amazing for organizing my sewing projects:

I really loved the reflection part of the book where you fill in future recommendations (you have no idea now nice it is to organize your notes on where to drop a waistline to or how long to extend length).

So I decided to design a version that fits my use with glowforging, specifically with materials.

I am posting this for the purpose to pass on a concept. Not every glowforger has the same needs and so I am sure people might want to tailor their pages more towards their needs and the way they think. I am posting my files anyways and the link for the binding I used. The file still has my name on it but its up to you if you want to put Bailey on your notebook. To each their own :slight_smile:

Makers Workbook

Glowforge Workbook_Materials.docx (26.0 KB)

Binding: : Shuokecrafts 2Pcs Metal A4 Notebook 3-Ring Binder Mechanism Replacement Kit,3 O Rings, 1inch Capacity, Loose Leaf Binding Spines Combs for Personal Organizers Planners (Gold) : Office Products


Happy Birthday @MyDogsThinkImCrazy I love this concept, these kinds of journals and planners are huge right now. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Love the notebook and happy birthday!


Great idea - I just have a lab notebook that I write things in, but I’ve skipped it several times and it bites me in the butt when I delete the design in the dashboard, then later realize I forgot to write down the settings. Thanks for the doc file!


:birthday: :balloon: :exclamation:


What a great share! Thanks.


Fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing.


How very sewist :roll_eyes: but the idea is a good one. I was working with some very hard “cherry” when I looked up the shipping and discovered it was Ocooch mahogany and that certain individual fibers stay lit and travel several inches, but only that fiber, and scorching its neighbor so sanding it off is not an option. so a notebook on each batch of wood would be a good idea as especially with mahogany, but maple, oak, and others can be different species with a similar look but laser differently. Even from the same source.


Ah! This is why I love collaboration! I didn’t even think of going into the materials source. I am going to update mine to have a field for the materials source and also one for defining characteristics for those cases where the material is different yet has the same source. I have seen there is a lot of variations in materials that are supposed to be the same. I guess that’s what makes each cut of wood unique.

I also planned to make a projects section of the notebook but I don’t know what I would want there yet. I usually just resort to the “wait till you see ruts in grass before putting down a walk path” method. So I start with just blank sheets and note what I feel I need to for each project. Then after a few projects I look at the sheets I made and see if there is a common theme that can be used for a template.


Glad to see I’m not alone in expanding my sewing arsenal to Glowforge! This is a great idea, as I’m a beginner still figuring it all out and don’t yet have the experience to memorize all of the important details of each project. This is a good template to start documenting it all.


I have trouble being focused enough for good records but I do keep a box of these…

This is some of my similar looking tests…

the top one is my current issue.