Glowforge on YouTube

I was kinda curious does anyone out there still make glowforge related videos on YouTube? I still do but I don’t really see that many videos pop up that often anymore from YouTube suggestions. If you do, is it just projects you make or tutorials or something else?


The algorithm man, the algorithm. You want more youtube videos on your feed just search a few and watch a couple of what you find. You’ll be awash in no time.

I’d test it myself, but I don’t want to mess up my finely tuned youtube ecosystem of janky firewood cutting machines, insane mountain bikers, and high level chess games, lol.


Oh I also recommend the extensions Clickbait Remover and Sponsorblock. Clickbait remover removes the super annoying title cards from youtube videos and sponsorblock automatically skips intros, sponsor messages, and other ads/skippable content. It’s awesome.

My youtube experience is so much better with these extensions.


Interesting. Never heard of those before. I see plenty of older glowforge videos but newer ones seem to be not as often.


I put some up, but 90% of the time it’s a video to answer a question here - so I don’t do anything to try to make them appear on other people’s lists other than using “Glowforge” in the name/description.


Digging around there’s lots of laser stuff - and some of it uses Glowforge, but I don’t see as many specifically talking about “how to do this on a Glowforge”. It’s reached the “just another laser” phase :slight_smile:


What I’ve seen lately is where the GF is used to cut or engrave some special part. The rest of the project is made with shop power tools.


Kinda crazy how fast time flies by. Can’t believe how long the Glowforge has been out already. I guess when it’s a big part of your life it all gets blended in together.



This is how I search for new videos on any subject.

Type what you are looking for. When the new window comes up—tap the 3 Dots on the top right.

Choose search filters.

These pictures are how they appear on my iPad Pro. I watch an insane amount of craft and “How to “ videos. I also pay monthly for ad free on YouTube. My husband is an accountant who does the taxes for my business and this is a business write off.

I do not know if this makes a difference but I am always signed into my YouTube account.


Thank you for these links!


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