Glowforge Open House in Seattle, Thursday 10/15

UPDATE: We had 125 RSVPs since this morning. I’m so sorry! We’re going to declare this full, livestream the event, and schedule another opportunity for later. Thank you so much for your interest and excitement.

We’re going to host an open house in Seattle! Funny thing: we’ve had a steady patter of knocks on the door of our office, people asking to come in and take a tour. Now, we’re not really set up for this. The office is full of people working to get your Glowforge ready! But we had one couple who drove down from Canada. One very persistent person who was haranguing one of our employees to take his cash and let him pick one up. Lots of delightful people who were just in the neighborhood and wanted to check it out.

Well, Thursday at 6:30 you can check it out.

We’re still sorting out the details, but it’s going to be Thursday 10/15, it’s going to be free, it’s going to have food (and beer if our safety oversight allows it), and we’re going to print things. You do not need to be an owner, but you do need to RSVP:

Sorry, RSVPs are full! We’ll do another one again soon.

Best of all, if you’ve placed your pre-order, you’ll have a chance to make a print! First-come, first-serve, but hopefully we can get to everyone. We’ll be doing cuts & engraves on acrylic based on your pen sketch, just like at Maker Faire. (Since we want to get through as many people as possible, that’s the only demo we’re going to do for now).

Questions very welcome. Please fill out the RSVP link above, and comment here too if you plan to come too!

Wish I lived closer! NC is a bit too far to drive. . .

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Awesome! For those that are there, take lots of video for the rest of us! Have fun!



Great, thanks for setting this up @dan I am really looking forward to getting my eyes on a running Glowforge!

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Oh man…if anyone is going and can periscope the experience, please email me your periscope un and I’ll add you! chaniilove19 at aol or any other video means of seeing what goes on. One day notice flights from florida to seattle unfortunately might cost as much as my machine did :’( To his credit, hubby said I could go if it meant I got to leave with my machine haha! He’s as excited about it as I am and that’s saying a lot cause I’m really darn excited!

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Just finished RSVPing

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Can not make this one. Good Luck and have fun!

And with your newfound livestreaming capabilities… can we count on a broadcast?

Actually… any way you can livestream the camera inside each running GF during the event (or all GFs AND a camera in a corner somewhere?)

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We’ll see if we can live stream.


Oops. We had 125 RSVPs since this morning.

We love the excitement but don’t want to have you wrapped around the outside of the building! We’re going to figure out how to do right by the people who RSVP’d and livestream the event to everyone else… plus set up more open houses for the future. I wanted to get this post up quick, but we’ll get details soon.

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You heard it here first… GF’s next hire will be a bouncer! :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of us going, who did not think about copying down the address and time. What time and where is the open house? Could someone message it to me? Or atleast those that did make it in, can a confirmation of sorts?

actually @jacobturner… we hired three for the night. We’re next door to a nightclub and a gluten-free brewery, so they’re not hard to find. :wink:

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I’m in the same boat as @dragon_silver. I didn’t think to copy the time/address/details after RSVPing. Could you send that info? Thanks!

I sent an RSVP. If I haven’t gotten a follow up email with time and address, I assume I was too late?

@dan, I RSVPeed as well (I think it was in time), but didn’t copy down the time or address, just like @Jesse & @dragon_silver. Will there be an email today to those that RSVPeed in time?


Will streaming information and times be posted here or emailed to those of us distant in location, but just as interested in all things gf?


A night club, Gluten-Free Brewery, and a Laser cutting startup in the same block? Seattle knows how to have a good time! :sunglasses: