Glowforge Owner network

It would be nice to have a network of users, searchable by state on the GF website. People opt in and give contact number. For camaraderie, help with figuring things out, help for a deadline, etc.



And members would then be GONers?





Does that Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling thing still exist?


GONET. Like SKYNET. I don’t see how that could go wrong.


This Google Map exists. It is opt-in and people can leave as much information as they want. I don’t see a lot of actual contact info (and I did not think to do this for myself but will consider it). There is a lot of data there and I doubt an additional initiative to collect this would be more successful. I would say energy should be spent in filling in the gaps of information there rather than creating a new network.


I’m evidently not smart enough to figure out how to opt in. I agree that there should be only one. Sounds like a Highlander reference. In any case, maybe something from Glowforge that directs people to it and why it would be good to fill out. And, locks it (because there was concern noted about not changing the link.) That scared me off, because I’m known for saving over my own files.

I also only put in my approximate location on the map.

I’m not going to leave a sign out front that says “Expensive laser cutter lives here”, seems like asking for trouble. I think that if someone wants to use the map to drop by unannounced they’ll be just as happy going to the Waffle House.


Yes, my location is only approximate as well, but I’m now thinking maybe leaving the link to our public Glowforge profile would be enough contact info. Actual Glowforge users could get into the forum and communicate via private messages.


That’s exactly what I did :slight_smile:

I have also posted several times that I’m in the Atlanta area, so if anyone is interested in my physical location for whatever reason, I’ve left breadcrumbs.


It occurs to me that we have a pretty robust network right here! I don’t know that anything else could rival the skill, experience and helpful atmosphere that has evolved here.

I think it was a great move by the company to provide us with this platform. Besides having each other, we have the professionals who built this machine - and a hotline to the hotseat!



GLOW itself is effectively dead, despite an attempt at a revival that petered out around 2012.

It is, however, the basis for a very good scripted comedy series on Netflix, starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron.


Hands on standing next to someone trying things out. I guess I’m old school.

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OK then how about FORGErs… or would the feds be after us then?:neutral_face:

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As someone else mentioned, there is already a map online that shows generally were different GF’ers live. Since it is public info, I am not sure that it would be a good idea to plug in addresses and phone #'s. Forum members can private message individuals in the geographic area of interest for further contact info

Well, I do love me some Alison Brie.

Yes, except only one of the six around me used their GF name. Can’t search if the tag is empty.

could you say the admins would be GONads?