Glowforge package

Doesn’t anyone have a picture of the actual box and how it is packed incide? I’m worried about how well protected it is… i really need it to arrive safe (long long way to go for mine) Thanks!!

Lots. Quick search of ‘unboxing’.
Here you go


International packaging might be different, but if you’re picking it up in the US and transporting it yourself you could maybe put the glowforge box in a crate with some extra cushioning for a little added reassurance?

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I have a photo of recent packing in this post:

It’s really very solidly cushioned on all sides, and the internal packing is very well cushioned too. Compared to the packaging from June, I’d feel much more confident now about shipping.


Thank you!! Perfect!!

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Thank you very helpfull!!

Any idea of the size and weight of the other boxes that come with the glowforge? I’ve been reading materials and other parts come in separate boxes?

The box of proofgrade that ships from TN contains 12x20" material, so about that big and a couple inches tall. Don’t know the weight, but it’s not feather-light. Maybe like a big bag of potatoes heavy??

The second box that ships from CA with the glowforge is large enough to hold the crumb tray, which is larger than 12x20" so pretty big, but not overly tall. The crumb tray is probably a few pounds, but that other things may not add up to an extra two pounds.

The glowforge itself has a shipping weight of 70lbs, but that is because of its size and is not its actual weight which is less.

If you’re concerned about being able to lift it by yourself, if you can carry a large bag of dog food, or heavy shopping bags from a car to a house you should be good to go. Glowforge says carrying and unpacking the glowforge box is a two person job, if for no other reason than the awkwardness of the box.

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Thank you! Very kind! I need to get international shipping, with glowforge is so expensive that I’m looking at other options so i need so many details :sweat: I appreciate your help! I’ll add them all up :slight_smile:

The last post I saw about the PG box someone was getting was that it had a shipping weight of 14lbs. They were trying to figure out which box was coming :slight_smile: It comes from Modus which is a better indicator than the weight I’d expect.

Just got the e-mail that my materials where shipping and yes… the weight is 15lb :slight_smile: good to know if anybody else need the details for international shipping! Thank you all!!