Glowforge Patents

With the latest announcement there is mention of GF Patents… so I thought someone might be interested in the following light reading… applications by Dan/Glowforge:

Cloud controlled laser fabrication

Safety and reliability guarantees for laser fabrication

Visual preview for laser fabrication

(Edit) Moving material during laser fabrication

There may be others, but these are the only I ones I could find via Google Patent Search…


You missed

Moving material during laser fabrication

Or just use this all-encompasing search term that’s available…


What’s your point, these things shouldn’t take more than a month or two to develop… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it for those who were curious (nerdy tech/technical snoops) as to the patents being filed.

I am looking at them, but just reminded how much I really dislike lawyers.


First and 2 lasts definitely have previous art.
That’s never stopped someone for getting a patent in the US, I know.

But it will last until someone with enough lawyers dislikes it.


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True. Patents with previous art take a lot of time to get. It only takes a minor improvement/idea to make it new and patentable (read defendable). I live in Silicon Valley. Patents and IP are a way of life. I and my wife have our names on several patents. GF designed many of their innovations from day one, but only yesterday could talk about them…patents take a long time (too many lawyers). - Rich

Holy Moses. They definitely win the “longest patent ever” award. That’s some serious legal costs

I was hoping for some cool patent art for my wall. :disappointed_relieved:
I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to have one for a cloud patent.