Glowforge people

How many of you nay sayers have visited the Glowforge “US” page.
Reading the resumes of the Glowforge staff should help those stomach butterflies fly in formation.


heh, not a naysayer, but I haven’t looked at that page since October. Whole lotta new folks since then!

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Wow, lots of folks working on the Glowforge. Glad you created this link.

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Yes. It is pretty impressive a group. They are fairly shy in the forum, but I do understand that they are very purposeful. I hope they are getting a good rest and know we are rooting for them.

Impressive team!

“Autodidact”- added to my vocabulary.
I will much prefer to describe myself with that instead of “high school dropout”!


Is David Koenig related to Walter? There is more than a little resemblance. I’m a big fan, so this is meant as a compliment. I keep having these visions that suggest that GF tech is somehow going to make transporter/replicator technology a reality, so this coincidence is more than a little thought provoking. I am sorry if I just freaked anyone out by sharing that.

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I’ve got to work that into regular rotation. I usually say “I have a erudite education” to mean the same since I never got to go to university but that has not stopped me from reading their books!


Yes! Erudite doesn’t describe me, I may have a body of knowledge a mile wide, but it’s a half inch deep!
I was impatient and undisciplined. Joining the Navy “to see the world” was much more appealing to me than more school.
Later I realized you never get out of school…

Ironic, because now I have a burning desire for science. All of it.
Great age to be alive, when our new global communications network will deliver all of it with a button push!

Very timely post @lcronkite! Well done!