GlowForge Plus -$2650 + shipping (Phoenix AZ)

Like new GlowForge Plus. Purchase Price was $3900 back in May’18. Less that 10 hrs of used. Essentially new and in mint condition. Selling it because I need a bigger laser bed .

I have all original packaging. It is out of warranty but as I mentioned its barely been used.

Willing to ship. Just tell me your address and I can give you an estimate. … Free delivery in Phoenix metro area.

$2650 + shipping (or free delivery if your in arizona)

Images below:

75586157_10220652947293325_2632278201795084288_n|666x500 !

74570264_10220652933532981_485195695150596096_n|375x500 !


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I added your location to the title so folks can see without clicking :slight_smile:

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Would you consider shipping to Australia?
Any idea how much it might cost? Looking for a spare but they have stopped shipping here


FedEx quotes ~$1150 (cheapest)…

Ouch. No wonder they stopped shipping to Australia, and lots ended up broken.

Was apart of a Kickstarter that was just books, and some of the Australian friends had half ripped open boxes

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I missed this. Ouch. Guess I need to read the latest on International shipping.

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