Glowforge Plus for sale SW Missouri (Will travel to KC or St Louis to deliver)

Hey there! I have a glowforge, works great but I am moving into a small apartment and don’t have room to keep it and my 3D printer. It’s the plus model, and I would be willing to sell for $2500. Just trying to get rid of it before I move in 3 weeks.


FYI I will provide serial number, and video proof that it works great!

How close to Joplin? I have a friend that may be interested.


Close! Just over an hour! I’m in Springfield.

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I’m between Joplin and Neosho. I will let them know.

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Awesome! That’s close enough I’m definitely willing to drive it to you guys.

Just a bump that this IS STILL AVAILABLE! You won’t find one this cheap anywhere else that works and is in good condition. Guaranteed.

Hi! Are you willing to ship it? I’d obvi cover shipping costs. I have a friend in Springfield who can check it out for me since I’m in Miami

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