Glowforge Plus For Sale - UK

Hi, I am looking at selling my two Glowforge Plus machines.

One is fully working and the other needs a new bulb. Both for sale separately. Link to purchase via eBay - see links below.

Please contact me for any questions!
Thank you for looking x

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Hmm. Good luck. That is $6271 USD currently. Plus machines sell new from GF for only $4995 USD and that includes shipping and working tubes. I am in the US though, so I can’t speak for what it costs to get one of these in other countries.


Thank you for your reply! The listing title shows the retail price as a guide, the Glowforge machines are priced at £3000 (approximately $3760) and £1500 (approximately $1880) or nearest offer. Thank you again for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:


Gotcha. Sorry for my confusion.


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