Glowforge Plus FOR SALE

Glowforge Plus for sale $3,000 Firm. You must pick up. Will not ship. I live in California. If interested,contact me at

To any potential buyers, we are happy to transfer ownership of a secondhand unit to your account. Please read this for some important warnings before buying used units, though:

Buying a Second Hand Glowforge


Good advice. Maybe that should be pinned somewhere obvious.

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Hi Dan,

This is all great advise. That why I won’t ship it,and want local pick up. It is a big purchase,so I would like the person to try my machine out before buying. The machine was only used for a couple hours of cut and engrave time. I bought this machine to start up small business. But I was recently promoted at my job. I just don’t have the time now.




Where in CA are you located?

I live in southern CA, city of Glendora. About 30 min from Pasadena.

Very wise to let them try first! I’m sorry we couldn’t have you as a customer, though.

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Sorry not to highjack this thread. Dan can we send in the serial # to support to have it checked to see if it is a legit machine as in not reported stolen?


That’s a good idea. Saw one on Facebook listed for sale, that after looking at the seller profile (and huge assortment of other things for sale that were described as brand new), my first thought was, “fell off the back of the truck.”

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Hi, This is not a stolen machine. I have recites to prove purchase.

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i don’t think he was accusing you of owning a stolen machine. i think it was more the general question for @dan about whether a prospective buyer can check on any serial number with GF to make sure it’s not stolen.


Thanks Shop. That is exactly what my intent was. It was not addressed to his machine just a question in geneneral.


Yes, we’re happy to tell you if it’s been reported as lost or stolen.

If cellphone carriers did that the market for stolen phones would dry up overnight and thefts would crater. :slight_smile:


They do, and it didn’t. Apple for instance won’t let a stolen iPhone activate, however many of them get shipped to china and jailbroken, so that gets around activation lock

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