Glowforge Plus on Amazon!

And of course @jules has a review on Amazon for the GF… :rofl:


Have you ever known this chatterbox not to jump in the pool? :wink:


You have a new Plus model?

Even better with Prime!!!

2 Day shipping for FREE!



Hah. That is what prime means… :wink:

No, it’s just a generalized review for the laser. Remember when we did those reviews a couple of years ago after the PRUs came out? I just updated that one. :slightly_smiling_face:

STILL have that misleading video attached to sales.
Don’t get me wrong, I love this machine and KNEW it was going to be vented.

It just hits a dark spot when I see them showing it in the middle of a kitchen or workshop, and everyone is happy about that.
Nobody should buy something this complex without investigation, but I also think people have a valid point when they come here later and point out it is almost useless because they have nowhere to vent this thing.

So yeah, I understand that there really are not unicorns farting rainbows outside the car windows like on the ad.
But it is a very misleading image.