Glowforge Plus on Amazon!

With 2-day Prime shipping…


Hmmm, I wonder if Amazon will ship it internationally?


“gift wrap available.”

that would be fun.


Hopefully this means that Proofgrade materials may soon also be available via Amazon? *** WISH WISH WISH ***


That would be amazing!

That would be great. I have about 50 sheets of stuff coming and Prime shipping might make up for loss of the Founders discount :slightly_smiling_face:


Uh-oh, when does that happen again? I might need to do some major stocking up along the way and not wait till the last minute…cause everyone will be doing it then. :smile:


That’s a good call, I didn’t think about everyone else stealing my procrastination plan

I think it’s the end of 2018


i think we have a ways to go before proofgrade becomes available to anyone, let alone on amazon. they seem to be having problems keeping up with orders. we’ve recently seen the out of stock on frosted acrylic (with no idea of when it will be back) and multiple reports of not getting shipments for weeks. i think they need to be completely sure they’re servicing GF owners through their own site without significant delays before they open it up for true public consumption. i think putting it on amazon would crush the supply and we’d all be unhappy with that.


I ordered a variety of items a little over a week ago (just shy of $200), and it took about 2-3 days to ship, but I received it order within about 2 days from shipping. (I’m located near Chicago).

i’ve had good luck as well. but not everyone else has.

Yeah, the proofgrade ships from TN, so those of us in the middle of the country don’t wait long once it gets on a UPS truck.

Hmm, no pass through, is it a Basic or some sort of new design? Says it will engrave up to 1/2" deep, just how much clearance is there that a half inch deep engrave is an engrave and not a Cut? My pro tried to engrave 1/2" deep (I thought that multiple deep engraves might succeed where a deep cut would not) and got a lot of charcoal for the trouble… Did they up the Wattage?

My biggest problem with Amazon generally is a serious lack of detail, that I usually have to look elsewhere to get but someone who buys this and thinks they can get cuts a half inch deep will be a pain for themselves and the company.

Not sure if you saw the announcement awhile back about the new model? It’s the Plus… between the Basic and Pro. No passthrough.

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Hmmmn, no sorry, my mistake…that’s the Plus model - it can get through almost 1/2" of material. (One of the prerelease unit testers who had the more powerful tube in his unit tested it.) And yes, lots of char, IIRC.

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I would suggest that they change “engraves up to 1/2” deep" to something like “engraves material up to1/2” thick" that would be less ambiguous. And with crumb tray removed that number is 2" anyway.


I had to go back and re-read what they wrote there…I believe they are talking about cutting through 1/2" thick material.

Then is more powerful than a Pro? In any case not much details. If it was 50 watt or something and still half the price of the pro units.

No, the Pro will cut through half inch material if you want it to. Lots of char though, like you said, and it rather mangles the profile on the cut. (Hence the carving through.) Same power levels on the Plus and the Pro. But the Pro has a wider temperature range, (especially now) and the Passthrough slot for doing larger work.


Not always. It depends on the material. I’ve got a coaster I made last year out of some locally sourced wood - likely basswood or poplar that is nice and round & shows normal levels of edge carmelization. It took a bunch of passes (3 or 4?) but it wasn’t ugly.

But I’ve also had lots of stuff it wouldn’t do well with like walnut or bamboo :slightly_smiling_face:

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