Glowforge premium

Good evening evryone. Where do I find information on Glowforge premium and what it consists of?

There was an announcement made today by Dan, and there is a discussion thread for it as well, with a comparison chart:


Discussion Link:


Thank you so much.

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They should take PayPal. I hope Dan considers it.

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I’m not sure how that payment structure is set up, but that would be convenient.
(Since they have Paypal on other store fronts it must not be available on that one for some reason.)

I tried to sign up for Premium, and stopped when they did not accept PayPal. I found Premium very useful.

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I link to actually purchase Glowforge Premium would be great. I’m in a Trial period and can’t seem to find a way to upgrade to Premium.

It should appear in a banner for you sometime before next week. I’m not sure it has been released to everyone yet. (But if you don’t see it by then, definitely start a new thread in Problems and Support so that they see it and can get you set up.)

Or they might see it here, just repost if you don’t get it.


Same boat here. If what i’m using is “Premium” then i don’t want to see what the normal service is like. yikes! Plus to buy a machine for $6K and then have to have a monthly subscription is a BS move.


I signed up for Premium but can’t find any way to access the promised 2 million vector graphics. There’s nothing in my interface that even hints at it. Is this not actually offered yet, or am I missing something obvious?

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On the design layout page there is a big plus sign to import artwork. If you want to find something special just type it in the search box. For example: type in “dog” to see many examples.


thank you so much. Very helpful. I found it.

Thanks! That was not obvious!

I know I’m late to the party but I just received my Glowforge and am setting up my work area this week. How do I get Premium?

Shoot an email to and let them know that you want to sign up for Premium. (And be sure to let them know that you ordered your machine before November 3rd.)

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Thanks Jules!

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How are public schools supposed to afford premium service?

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Luckily they don’t need to at all. The GF functions exactly the same as it has in the years before the premium stuff.

Arghhhhh I missed it. I’ve been away for a while. I would have totally paid 14.99 a mont but I’m not paying 50 a month. Plus, I was in the very very early pool of kickstarter folks, so it makes me even grumpier that I missed this and only had a month to sign up.

They’re currently running a 50% off Black Friday sale. You can read the details in the announcement here: