Glowforge Pricing Guide Survey

Hello everyone! I’ve had the Glowforge Pro for about a year now, and have gone through some weird business experiences (like driving to the acrylic supplier at 9pm to get a specific color acrylic for a client). I would love to share some of my experiences and collect other experiences into one spot so that others don’t have to go through the growing pains like I did!

For this reason, I am putting together a Glowforge Pricing Guide that will be free for all GF users and I would love your input. It’s 10 short questions, should take 5 minutes or less, and I will happily post it once results come out! It is comprehensive and covers design fee, hourly rate, material cost, etc.

Please help me fill out the survey here! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME!!

disclaimer - I am not associated with Glowforge in any way and am putting together for my own learning purposes and sharing the knowledge with others. :slight_smile:

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Hey welcome to the forum.

I hope I don’t come across too crabby here but I am not giving any random site my email address unless I know exactly why I’m doing so.

Did you know that the forum has a built in survey tool? You could have included the survey right here in your post if it’s fairly simple.

Anyway if you want more participation it’d be handy if you spelled out exactly what you’re up to a bit more. I’m not clear what your goal is, or why I’d want to contribute to or know your survey results.

There are many existing threads about job pricing if you take the time to search the forum for it. You may find that they cover exactly what you’re looking for in your survey?


This forum has been a site for exchanging a wealth of information for many, many years. I suggest you read through the parts of the forum regarding pricing and see if most of the information you seek has already been provided.


Yeah, no…

No participation in the community despite having the machine for a year, then first post wants you to fill out a survey? :rofl:


Totally understand how it may look! I’m super active on instagram and have given advice to many new users. Since it’s such a hot topic, I wanted to collect info on how other veterans have done it, since everyone has a different take on it and there’s no right or wrong answer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Understood. Sorry for early morning grumpiness…

Just felt a bit odd dropping in and asking for info, vs. engaging in a conversation… All good!


I don’t give real emails to those sites. I use a temporary email address. The spam I do get on that email is deleted. Done and done.