Glowforge (print?) your own headstone



Glue a sheet of laser-cut (Glowforge “printed”?) rubber to a nice, polished slab and shoot it with a sandblaster for a bit and, voilà, be ready for that very important day.




Yes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Always be prepared for the inevitable!


I’ll just make my own urn.


I dealt with this idea in an earlier thread, though with a different idea than sandblasting.


But I won’t have my laser before Halloween… :cry: :jack_o_lantern:


Laser cutting rubber can be a real problem depending on the composition of the material as it may produce toxic gas when heated (burned by the laser). Almost everyone I’ve worked with who does this type of work use a stencil cutter to cut the pattern into a sandblasting stencil material. While common rubber will work, there are major advantages in using the correct stencil material due to the way it transfers once it’s weeded.

A few years ago I seriously coincided getting into this business and to that end took a two day class that covered all aspects of design, cutting stencils, weeding, applying to stone and multiple blasting techniques for different effects.

Just be careful what you cut with a laser.


The blast media I have seen is black, large grain coarse particles. Wondered what it was the eats granite that easy.


Mostly we were using silica sand. We also used some speciality 3M star media for some fine detail work. It was amazing how quickly silica sand with about 80 Psi would cut into the grey granite.


GF coffin anyone? I just finished watching Adam ruins everything (death episode)


You’ll need the passthrough on the pro for that.


Now I have to upgrade to pro!:grimacing: