Glowforge Pro delivery received


I took off work today because there was no way Im missing this notable moment. Ive come this far and Ive been jumping up and down on the front porch since noon… as of 8:00 pm I signed and received my Pro.


The box it was shipped in took a beating but everything on the inside looks to be alright… still inspecting :stuck_out_tongue:

Onward to prepare for NYC Maker faire!


Great spot for it! I’d love to have that gorgeous window in front of mine.


Great! Looks like the expense of the new packaging is paying off. (Even if it is pretty much consumed.)
One might think a solid foam cocoon would be better, but the packaging is engineered. A solid sheet wouldn’t give as much as the ribs that cradle the machine. Like the crumple zones in automobiles, you want that energy to be absorbed, not transmitted to your laser tube.
Great to see units arriving intact! I’m sure the company is liking it too.

Enjoy your adventure, and I look forward to seeing your work with the long awaited glowforge!


Congratulations on your Pro delivery!


Yep! Congrats! :grinning::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:


Really. I am not jealoused at all. Sob.



congrats, good to see the things hitting their new homes.


When the original IBM-PC came out, they were so concerned about shipping damage that they did have complete a 2 piece foam cocoon inside the shipping box.


Happy for you!


Hope you have fun with your glowforge!
I wait for international shipping


Yay!! :tada::tada: It’ll look beautiful on that nice table in front of that lovely window!


Ok, like everyone else … I’m loving your window and niche for your Pro! Looks like it was totally built in preparation for your new baby!

We decided to add a vent location in the basement after all the heat concerns this summer. Had wanted it on the first floor closer to other crafts. After seeing yours … wished we had gone with our original plan.

Enjoy your new baby! :boom:


Looks like an extra cardboard flap over the end of the box, or is that normally inside?


Am I the only one that cringed with it being upside down?


I didn’t want to comment (incase there was actual Glowforge damage via UPS).


No… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congrats! That’s awesome!

I like your pipe desk. Is that a design by Ben Uyeda, by chance?


Yes, very cringy … and especially with the “this side up” arrows pointed down!
Whats it gonna take UPS??!!


wow, that box is messed up! Keep us posted about your GF!