Glowforge Pro for sale 😣bought June 22nd

I didn’t think I would have to do this, but my husband was let go last Friday and I am having panic attacks just thinking that I owe $6,000 for this incredible machine and we are both now


I kept everything but the box, I thought if we ever move its going on the foam on the backseat of my car where I can see it. :persevere::persevere:

I know it’s rough for almost everyone out there right now, but if anyone would like to save $500 for a almost brand new GF Pro, please let me know.

I am in Houston and will drive it to you anywhere in Texas if need be.

I am attaching the receipt so you can see it is not even 2 months old and the learning curb has kept me from using it a whole lot.

Thank you for your time guys.


Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Good luck, and stay dry in Houston!


What a shame, sorry you find yourself in that position. Good Luck, and remember, the only constant is change - and it is already on its way. :+1:

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What line of work is your husband in (or you for that matter)? I have some friends in Houston.


I’m also sorry to hear that. But if you’re both home, maybe you can use it to make things to sell that can also help you get through this difficult time. You’re going to take a hit on it $ wise, most likely, so it may be better to keep it.


Especially if you have already paid for it. I got mine just to play with and have made several hundred dollars with it… I wasn’t even trying to make money. People would just see things I made and ask me to create something for them.


Oh no :frowning: I hate to see this. I’m not sure this is the right place to sell your glowforge, have you tried Facebook? At least, I know before I was a GF owner - I had no idea this community even existed. :frowning:


He is a consultant for Lean and Six Sigma. Master black belt on streamlining process improvement.

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I know, I just figure here someone might know someone that would like to own a GF as well. I am going to try FB next. Having a hard time letting go of it, but I know it takes a while to establish a profitable business doing this, time we don’t have.
Thank you

I bought it to start my business, but I know it takes time. I paid for half and I charged the other 3k. I have an Etsy shop, but I have had 1 sale so, it’s not looking like this will get me even out of debt soon, let alone make profit. :frowning:

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Are you in any of the laser Facebook groups? The laser advice isn’t always great, but there’s some good business info. Many folks are having a lot of success selling locally on Facebook. You might also come up with a line of B2B products, such as buyer gifts for real estate agents, coasters for a local pub, etc. Start reaching out to people you know and see if you can build some relationships. While custom items are really popular, you may make more in repeated designs with regular customers.


Really is a tough place you’re in. Many jobs will be gone for a while, some may not come back.
Many will have to pioneer a new path, and that machine could prove to be an avenue for you. I bought mine as a muse but it paid for itself without any effort on my part. My Daughter had me produce things for her business and an acquaintance of hers in the same field had me do production runs for his business too, which brings me to the advice of networking. The friends and people you already know.


Yes, I am going to get out of my head and use it for what I BOUGHT it for. To start my business to avoid exactly this! Having to depend on someone else for an income.


No Christy, I am not. But I will now! I do need to get my head straight and use this as a wake up call to really give this a go. I know it can be very profitable and I think I just had a jerk reaction out of panic. Thank you for the valuable advice.


Just this morning a friend that knows my situation sent the info of my Etsy shop to a financial advisor friend of hers and he wants to talk about gift boxes with my product for his clients :slight_smile: I know it starts somewhere and I cannot just panic and jump ship. Putting my big girl pants on and doing this!
Thank you for the support and advice :slight_smile: this is an awesome community.


Another way to look at this is that the interest on a 3000$ credit card balance is pretty small for a few months to give this a shot. I mean let’s say you have a terrible interest rate of like 22%, 3 months of interest is at most about $150. Granted, you don’t want to throw $150 in a hole, but it might be worth sticking it out a bit just to see if you can turn the ship around. $150 isn’t that much in the big picture, if this works it could be a game changer.

Set some goals, work toward them, re evaluate after a few months. You got this :slight_smile:

Also, you might be able to restructure that debt to a small business loan of ELOC that would give you a much lower interest rate. Some options to consider.

Heck, see if you can trade some boxes for help with the finance side of things :slight_smile:


I think your reaction was a pretty normal one in your circumstances.

Best of luck to you! Hope you saw my PM. :slight_smile:

Networking for the win! :sunglasses:
I agree with Christy, absolutely the normal reaction, and backing up is a first impulse.
A favorite analogy of mine is baseball. Batter up. The world is brand new, and anything can happen. You might foul out, or you might hit a homer, but you won’t know until you take a swing at what’s pitched.
Your instincts started you down this path, follow your heart. We are all pulling for you. Batter up!

Emphasis on Awesome! This community is the friendliest place on the web that I know of, I’ve made many good friends here over the years.


Now that we’re a bit invested, how’s it going? :slight_smile:

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Juliana - there is a local Glowforge Houston facebook group - their might be some people in the group that could also help you - perhaps tell you what is popular in the area right now.