Glowforge Pro For Sale in Illinois

I have a Glowforge Pro for sale. I waited to long to return it. I cant use it for my application the way I wanted.

Adam Swartz


Price and remaining warranty might help drum up interest. More details on location might help more - these things aren’t cheap to ship.


Too bad Adam, I see this is your first post. Unfortunate, because there are many clever people and professionals here that may have been able to help you. Good Luck!

I received unit in Sept 2019. I can deliver it for free anywhere Chicagoland. It would ship from 60563. I will pay first $100 of shipping elsewhere.

I bought it to print on cookie tins. However the lacquer coating does not allow it to work correctly.

This is not a hobby and I don’t have time to hunt for answers.

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I understand.
The laser does a great job of “marking” metal with the proper compound applied. it forms a very tough oxide layer that can only be removed chemically or mechanically. If the lid comes off of the tins, it would fit the bed and you could easily achieve a dark black of your desired design.

Here is a good example…

just say’n.

I am sorry that it didn’t workout! And perhaps it is too late, but maybe anodized aluminum pieces/blanks could be engraved and then affixed to the cookie tin? Best of luck with your endeavors!

When life gives you lemons…

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