Glowforge Pro for Sale in Maryland


I would like to know where can I sell my Glowforge and filter at. I have been making lots of cool games and things during the pandemic but now that quarantine is over, I am thinking about selling it. I have made some amazing things but I do not want this sitting in my room collecting dust. Please help me.


You’ll want to post where you’re selling from, shipping?, pro, basic or plus? etc…

I am located in Waldorf, Maryland. I had my Glowforge Pro for about a year and half. I also purchased the Glowforge Air Filter as well. I am looking to sell both units together for $4,500 plus shipping. If you know anyone interested please send them my way.

I updated your post title with that info - folks scan through here looking for units in their area. When you do sell it you’ll need to add the new person as a user on your account, and then contact (or use the chat function) and they will make the new user the owner, and delete you (so only do this after the sale is complete).

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