Glowforge Pro. For sale (LA Area)

So I am selling my Glowforge Pro.
This is truly a great machine. However I have upgraded to a large format laser.
I’ve had this machine for over a year now and a day has not gone by that I don’t look at it with excitement and can’t wait to use it again.
I’ve used it to make simple and really detailed stencils different size wooden storage boxes, leather wallets and note pad holders and some really cool engravings. I have learned tons about laser engraving in just the time I’ve had this. It is really really fun technology!
I still have everything including the box of cutting & engraving materials that it comes with. $5500. Takes it home.
And if you’re in the Los Angeles area I’ll help you set it up.


@hansepe… look! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I added “LA Area” to your title so folks can see the location without clicking - but I’m not sure if you mean Louisiana or Los Angeles…you may want to clarify!

Thank you.

I would be interested but the price seems high given that a new one is in that ballpark ($5995).

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