Glowforge Pro for sale - needs repair

Hi All,

I have a glowforge pro with maybe 20 hours or so that I’m looking to sell. The laser tube on it is cracked and it will need to be sent back to glowforge for replacement. Before the tube went the machine worked awesome and was well maintained. I had planned to have it fixed up and use it again but no longer have the space to use it.

Not sure what to ask so willing to entertain any reasonable offers you may have. Let me know if you have any questions!

where are you located? and how much do you want for it?



Located in St. Louis Missouri.

To be honest I don’t really know what to ask for it given the circumstances so am hoping anyone interested will make an offer based on what they think would be fair.

Wish I had the money to buy it, I’m in Joplin and will be in St. Louis next week.

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yea, too far from where I live.


I was there twice last week… you buy it and get it fixed and I’ll store it for you here and check it every day to make sure it is working properly and you can pick it up in a couple of years when you are in SW Missouri :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOLOLOLOLOL ‘what a bargain’

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Always trying to help out where I can. :wink:


Is it still under warranty?

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