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I’ve got a Glowforge Pro available. 4 months old - 8 months of warranty left. Complete with Infinity Inline fan. In like-new condition. Originally had issues with the Condo Association. Worked that out. But now we’ve got too much going on - just don’t have the time we thought we were going to have to devote to our Glowforge. Still have the original box/packaging.

Still set up and operational. Haven’t used it recently.

$4,000 firm. Located in Southern New Hampshire - about an hour north of Boston. Pickup Only.


Technically when you buy cut files you are welcome to sell as many finished pieces as you want, but transferring the files is generally forbidden by the boilerplate you sign to get the files even in this situation. Enforcing the rule is hard unless you have a lot more lawyers than artists (Disney) but it is still the same consideration for folks who care.

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I’ve edited my post to eliminate this concern. Thanks for the heads up.

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New lower price - now $4,000. $2k off retail. Tough to find a better deal out there on a very lightly used GF Pro with 7 months of warranty left!

New lower price ? That is the same as it was 19 days ago and it was a firm price then .

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The top post was edited today. The orange 3 with a pencil next to it tells you that the post has been edited 3 times since it was originally written.

Ok Did not know, But local pick up still too far will run about 500 bucks in gas and tolls.

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Thanks for that, Dan.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the lower price - figured editing would be the way to do it rather than start a new post. But then it looks like that was the original post. I can see where confusion may come in.

The bottom line on this - I just want to sell it and am willing to drop the price to $4k to achieve a sale. At that price, it’s a heck of a deal. Warranty still left and the unit is in great shape. Of course in this group, everyone already owns a Glowforge, so perhaps it’s not wise to post one for sale here? But I was thinking if someone wanted to upgrade and didn’t want to drop $6k to do so, this would provide a great opportunity. A win-win.

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Good point on the gas - especially these days! Hopefully someone from the New England area will have an interest. Sorry we aren’t closer.

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