Glowforge Pro for Sale- North Central Florida

Glowforge pro for sale. Asking $5,500. I’ve had it about 1 year. Heavy use around Christmas last year, but very little use since. No issues with it. All the parts and pieces still accounted for. Storing indoors, climate controlled. Included with sale: lens tool, vent hose and 2 clips, box of lens wipes (almost full), laser safety goggles, fire extinguishing spray, and 4 clips for holding down material. Admittedly, I plan to give preference to local buyers, to avoid the hassle and cost of shipping. I live in North Central Florida, between Gainesville and Jacksonville. Willing to drive 4 hours any direction to deliver/ meet up. Text me (Marcy) if interested or if you have any questions. 904-263-2218

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One thing, this forum is public so you probably don’t want to leave your phone number out there or scammers will scrape it.

Good luck!


You don’t mention the shipping stuff that has considerable value and also the orange bits.


I no longer have the shipping box and pieces. That’s part of the reason I ‘d prefer a local buyer.

There is more to it than that. Someone will need to have it properly packed before any transport so as to not damage the machine. Then if they need to send it for repairs they will need the same packing again. Even if just taking it across town sitting on pillows, it should have the orange bits in place at least


I was thinking this same thing…gotta keep everything inside from moving around.


I suggest you re-purchase the appropriate shipping parts. The machine should not be transported without them.


Thank you for pointing this out. I didn’t realize it would be an issue if carefully transported in a car (But I see you’re right). I’ll purchase the packaging kit.

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