Glowforge Pro for sale NY/NJ border

GlowForge Pro 45 Watt Laser with Pass Through

I have a Glowforge Pro model that I’m looking to sell. I got it maybe a year and a half ago, can’t really remember, and put 20 or less hours on it. I’ve just lost inspiration for it and I don’t like to see it sitting there. I still have the packaging, a bunch of materials, and Glowforge brand laser safety goggles. I can look into shipping if you aren’t local, but it’s heavy and I don’t know what that would cost. I’m located in Pomona, NY, 10970.

Laser Cutter Materials:

3 – Medium Clear Acrylic

3 – Medium Draft Board

2 – Thick Draft Board

2 – Maple Veneer

2 – Thin Natural Leather

1 – Extra Thick Leather

3 – Medium Cherry Hardwood

2 – Medium Walnut Hardwood

2 – Medium Basswood Hardwood

2 – Medium Maple Hardwood

2 pieces each, 4 varieties of Assorted Exotic Hardwoods PLUS assorted usable Scrap

GlowForge Laser Safety Glasses

I’m asking $4300.


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Price drop from $4800 to $4500.

Price drop to $4300.

Where are you located

Rockland County NY, 10970


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