Glowforge Pro for sell in Toms River NJ - SOLD

Hello. I’m selling my Glowforge Pro. It was bought on August 6, 2021, I have proof of purchase. Unfortunately the Glowforge had no more warranty since it’s passed a year. I believe I have put around 30 to 35 hours of work. It looks like new, took very good care of it. Everything works perfectly, never had a single problem with it. Asking for $4,000.00. I am located in Toms River NJ.

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I am interested in the Pro and live in NJ. I am a retired PO and always skeptical about such purchases, especially since warranty is expired. Would love to purchase for around 3500 immediately. I can pick it up easily. Just afraid to spend the $$$$ and have issues. We already own a Plus model and understand the mechanics of the product. Please advise. Al D.

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Hi. That’s nice. I have someone that is interested (we’ve been talking since Monday) and she has until tomorrow to pick it up. If she doesn’t I’ll let you know immediately. And also about the price, I can only go as low as $3,800.00 because the Glowforge is in really good condition, and I never had a problem with it.

Okay. Please let me know. AD

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