Glowforge Pro has arrived

Finally took the plunge and saved up for the Pro to add to my collection. Then I decided to make a showcase/intro video of the unboxing, setup, and calibration of it. If you’re bored and want to check out the video I pieced together of it all, it’s only 2 mins long. No real purpose for it, just thought it would be fun to make. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.


Oh snap awesome. How many machines do you have now?


Thanks, I have two basics and a Pro, I am thinking about selling one of my basics as I don’t think I need three I just held off on the pro for so long due to the price but I want to try the pass through. Now I gotta learn setting up files for the pro. Lol


Congrat’s. I don’t like you Josh. You’re too productive. :wink:

Congrat’s again man. Can’t wait to see what you create now.


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