Glowforge Pro Mobile Table + Designs

As a thank you to all the great ideas I’ve gotten from the members here (wow!) I wanted to post the rolling table/cart I made for my Glowforge and material storage.

At first I had the Glowforge on my workbench, but stacks of plywood sheets, acrylic, leather, etc. were accumulating in growing piles around my workspace. Something had to be done. These tables are built from plywood scraps and were sized to accommodate a 48x24 sheet in the bottom section. All joinery was done with a pocket-hole jig and wood glue.

All the main materials are scrap plywood. The back was flooring plywood that was really nasty with a lot of voids, Durham’s water putty and sandpaper smoothed it out. The top is a 3/4 sheet of MDF with counter top laminate glued down with contact cement. I trimmed out the MDF table top with some 3/4 walnut ripped and mitered on a table saw. Killz2 primer for the inside and back, and a few coats of Minwax satin to finish.

You can view or download the Fusion360 design (for free) here:


That is really nice! You are so kind to share your work. I enjoyed your write-up!

Thanks for sharing this. I admire your ready access to organized materials.

That’s beautiful! I find myself with about 50/50 new materials and some voids but still usable material - having all the different slots would definitely make the some voids material more accessible and make me less likely to grab a new sheet because it’s easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I almost got a clean sheet of plywood, but stuck with the flooring to avoid a trip to the hardware store. My kids really enjoyed putting the putty in all the plywood holes and sanding it down, so I didn’t have to work too hard on it. They had fun and felt good contributing. The hardest part was pulling the shelves out to screw down the top, I couldn’t fit a drill in that narrow slot.

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