Glowforge PRO PURCHASED w/ FREE Airfilter & Materials (Florida)


**I just brought the price down from 5000 to 3500 because I have to empty my house to move. This is one hell of a deal that you will probably never see again. The laser works fantastically and only has been used 20 times for dumb little show off stuff. If you want we can do a FaceTime so you can see it operate in real time.

Model: Glowforge Pro

PURCHASED DATE: 07/17/2020

CONDITION: Excellent

USE: Very Minimal (Estimated 20 Uses)

PRICE: 3500

INCLUDED: Glowforge PRO, Over $1000 of materials.

I purchased the Glowforge Pro for my wife to start a business. Shortly after we filed for a separation. Business was never started and the Glowforge was never used commercially. The Glowforge has only been used about 20 times fooling around with it. That’s it! Your getting practically a brand new Glowforge for a $1000 less plus I’m going to give you the $995 Glowforge Airfilter for FREE. I purchased almost all the materials and spent maybe another $1000 or more that I will also give to you for FREE. You will be all set to start your business by buying the Glowforge Pro from me versus buying a brand new one. A $8,000 total value for only $3500 + Shipping. If you live near Miami, Florida you can save on the shipping and pick it up. The Glowforge Pro has its original box which is made for shipping the laser safely.

Email me at:

Sorry it didn’t work out for you :frowning:

You’ll want to remove your email address or it’ll get scraped by scammers (the forum is public). Anyone one here can send you a DM and you can turn on notifications so you’ll know if they do.

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What part of florida are you in?
(more accurately then Miami)

how long is left on the warranty?


The warranty on the Pro is 1 year - so none. You should know that.

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yea, missed that, sorry!


The unit has been sold (according to the owner)


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