Glowforge program

So I am curious about the program and if it is possible to use without being online. And is there a tutorial for all the features on the program and how to use them. Most especially if you are not using proofgrade material.

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The app is only available online through a wi-fi connection.

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You must be online to use the app, but your Glowforge does not need to be turned on or online.

There are tutorials and tips and trick to read, plus this forum is full of information. Start here: Make Your First Prints – Glowforge

If you work through all of the links on the left you will be ready for most everything.


Definitely everything @dklgood said!

The laser functions the same whether you use PG or not, what you lose out on is the pre-set (and sometimes auto-filled) settings. Put in a piece of PG with the label readable and it’ll auto select the matching settings. Put in a piece of material exactly the same but without the label you’ll need to either click on the PG material setting that you want, or manually enter speed/power at a minimum and a few other settings if you want to get fancier :slight_smile:
The biggest advantage to PG in time is it’s already finished on both sides. It’s also guaranteed to work so if you use it and the correct settings and it doesn’t work then you contact support and they’ll figure out what’s wrong as well as replacing your PG material.


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